Calendars are displayed "live" using a web interface to the calendar system. This means you can navigate around various dates, display by week, by month, etc, however is convenient for you, and the schedule you see is always the most current.

Beamtime shifts are allocated by the ALS in 8-hour increments. We typically schedule IR beamline shifts for 8am - 8pm, and from 8pm - 8am the next day (12 hours count as 1.5 allocated shifts), but we are flexible and want to match your actual beamtime needs.

If you have allocated beamtime, please use the form to the right or email Mike your scheduling requests.


CalendarCalendar for Beamline 1.4.3


calendarCalendar for Beamline 1.4.4


calendarCalendar for Beamline 5.4.1


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