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Source Bend magnet synchrotron radiation
Acceptance Angle
17 mrad (vert) x 69 mrad (horiz)
Scientific Applications Biological samples, environmental samples, novel compounds, forensic studies, laminates, polymers, fibers, particulate contamination, material sciences, gas phase molecules and clusters ...
Beamline Phone Number 510-495-2654



Endstations Beamline 5.4.1
Beamline 5.4.2
Beamline 5.4.3
Infrared Spectromicroscopy
to be determined
High resolution Far-IR to mid-IR spectroscopy
Frequency Range
600-10,000 cm-1

20-5,000 cm-1
Spot Size
3-10 um (diffraction limited)

1 mm
0.125 cm-1
0.001 cm-1

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The ALS Users' Meeting is scheduled for October 5-7, 2015.

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